Tourist Destination

Basílica de  Nuestra Sra. De los Ángeles:

It is a catholic church in Cartago city, Costa Rica. It was built in the place where according to tradition, mullata Juana Pereira, a humble local from “La pueblo de los pardos” found the holy image of our lady of the angels in 1635, whose miracles were widely spread.

Represa de Cachí (Cachi Dam):

Cachi dam is a small artificial lake around 3,24sq. km and it is located in Paraiso. Its name was given after the town (Cachi) which is located one kilometer from the eastern side of the lake. The Costa Rica Electricity Institute (I.C.E.) created this Dam in 1966 in order to produce electric power, taken from the Reventazón River.

Irazu Volcano:

Irazu Volcano is top has some craters; one of the most startling is the one with greenish lake. This volcano is the highest in Costa Rica it is totally accessible by bus and it is a very popular tourism place

Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre La Marta (La Marta, National wildlife refuge):

La Marta is located in Pejibaye district, just 2 hours long from San Jose. It is in Talamanca range, and it is surrounded by the rivers, La Marta, Gato and Atirro and the National forest reserve “Rio Macho”. It belongs the friendship biosphere reserve, considered by UNESCO a humanity Natural Heritage.


Orosí is one of the oldest communities in Costa Rica. Before Spaniard conquerors arrival Orosí was occupied by Caribes, Huetares and viceitas, all of them lived in harmony before the arrival of Spaniards in XVI century.

Lankester Botanical Garden :

It is an orchids garden, which is one of the most important around the world. This garden is a part of University of Costa Rica. It is located in Paraiso, Cartago. It takes around 45 minutes from San Jose.

Monumento Nacional Guayabo:

El Monumento Nacional Guayabo es un área protegida de Costa Rica, conocida principalmente porque en ella se encuentra uno de los sitios arqueológicos prehispánicos más antiguos e importantes del país.
Se encuentra ubicado en la región de Santa Teresita del Cantón de Turrialba perteneciente a la provincia de Cartago en Costa Rica, a unos 85 km de San José.



It belongs to the Irazu National Park. It has trails all around its 16km area. It is a great to enjoy nature.



Turrialba Volcano:

Turrialba volcano is an active volcano. It is located in Santa Cruz district, Cartago. It is in the central volcanic range and it is in the National Park of Turrialba. With its height of 3340 meters over sea level is second highest volcano in Costa Rica.

Tapanti National Park:

This park is a natural reserve located in the area of friendship conservation area along with the hill of the death (Cerro de la Muerte) north western from Talamanca range.