Ropes Park:

Challenge your skills on this original and exciting adventure. Walk on the canopy of the trees by the river side by using ropes, cables logs, hanging woody and twine cord bridges, etc in 19 different levels.
Location: Capellades.


Ride either on our 10km. roads inside the park or visit archeological reserves, waterfalls, and Irazú and Turrialba Volcanoes. As well enjoy our night tour to diverse touristic places.
Locations: Capellades, Ujarras.


By the edge of a cliff immersed in the woods abseiling down from a 40 meters (128 ft.) height tree using ropes.
Location: Turrialba.

Tarzan Swing:

Swing as Tarzán style from tree to tree at height of more than 35 meters (114.8 ft.) feeling a very exciting sensation of flying.
Location: Turrialba.


Descend the impressionist waterfalls of 40 meters (128 ft.) and then journey the river and take some time to enjoy swimming.
Location: Turrialba.


Glide on the canopy of the trees admiring the great Coliblanco River Canyon, and the tropical rainforest by using the 75 to 525 meters (246-1722 ft.) double high security six cables with heights still 175 meters (574 ft.).
Locations: Tres Ríos, Cachí y Capellades.


With a paraglide fly over woods, canyons, and valleys accompanied by a professional guide in this unforgettable and thrilling experience.
Location: Turrialba.


Only an hour from San José go by balsa down the category three river rapids. Have fun with the fabulous venture water rafting the Grande de Orosi River.
Locations: Orosi, Turrialba.

Mountain Bike:

Ride by the closest towns, visit the Turrialba and Irazú Volcanoes, the Guayabo National Monument, waterfalls, and other interesting sites, or as well ride through the park.
Locations: Orosi, Turrialba.